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Dear Colleagues,

after the great success of our first international symposium and having passed the main waves of the corona pandemic situation we have decided to offer you again to come to the wonderful island of Santorini in 2022. The place could not be any better to overcome the burden of the pandemic and to combine relaxing hours with very informative and interesting scientific lectures and discussions: the idyllic fusion of sea and volcano rocks, merging in the play of light to create a magnificent example of the beauty of nature. Our hygienic concept will be adopted to the needs at the congress time.

Santorini is considered to be esthetically a total work of art perfected by man-made architecture and coloring – freely adapted to the definition of the philosopher Eisler that esthetics satisfies the desire to observe.

This is to serve as theme and motivation for our passion for esthetic dentistry: to restore the beauty of nature using our manual skills and sences, to improve and complete it according to the recent esthetic perceptions and knowledge.

We invite you to be part of this symposium, be inspired by the esthetics of the island of Santorini and its unlimited shades of white. Excellent speakers and a variety of topics – resulted out of a great cooperation of meanwhile six European countries in the field of Esthetic Dentistry – will also enthuse you.

Georgia Trimpou and Robert Sader



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