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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Colleagues,

The Oral Reconstruction Foundation is committed to science and education for the good of the patient. The Foundation invests in research, supports interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, and promotes training and education in implant dentistry and related fields.

The eminent scientific committee and the engagement of the internationally renowned speakers guarantee that a differentiated and pioneering program awaits you in Munich. The symposium combines the latest scientific findings and practical experience, thereby contributing to the field of dental implantology in its entirety. With topics that include restoring demanding situations, treatment concepts for edentulous patients, advances of the digital workflow as well as state-of-the-art tissue regeneration, the program covers a wide range of contemporary issues in implant dentistry.

In addition to both new and time-proven concepts and technologies, we hope to achieve active exchange between science, practice, and industry. Numerous Workshops will allow you to expand upon selected topics and practice them hands-on. Furthermore, the German Dental Technician Congress will be combined in this unique event as a side congress but also included with a team approach.

The Oral Reconstruction International Symposium (#ORIS2022) offers you the perfect opportunity to stay abreast of the latest treatment options while enjoying time with colleagues.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you at the ORIS Kongress 2022 in Munich – a true lifestyle metropole!

Mariano Sanz
Oral Reconstruction Foundation

Martin Schuler
Executive Director
Oral Reconstruction Foundation


Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz (Co-chairman) • Prof. Dr. Katja Nelson (Co-chairman)
Dr. Mario Beretta • Dr. S. Marcus Beschnidt • MDT Vincent Fehmer • Univ. Prof. DDr. Gerald Krennmair • MDT Otto Prandtner  • Prof. Dr. Mariano Sanz • Dr. Alex Schär • Prof. Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr

*Faculty and presenters may be subject to change.



Oral Reconstruction Foundation
Margarethenstrasse 38
4053 Basel
E-Mail: info@orfoundation.org

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